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#3222: Fast, easy and beautiful on the fly rule-based rendering of OSM maps
   Reporter:  mayeulk                           |              Owner:  nobody       
       Type:  enhancement                       |             Status:  new          
   Priority:  major: does not work as expected  |          Milestone:  Version 1.7.0
  Component:  Symbology                         |            Version:               
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Comment(by mayeulk):

 Attached below a first release for a set of rules. In addition to visual
 quality control (on part of Northern Italy) for scales between 1:5,000 and
 1:20,000,000, I wrote a script to make some statistical control with an
 entire country (Italy): For lines, 98% of Italian ways in italy.osm planet
 file would be symbolized (most of the lines not matched by any rule are
 unclosed polygons that should normally be rendered as polygons, for
 instance: "landuse"="farmyard", "natural"="land", etc.). There is still
 room for progress of course.[[BR]]
 I have no statistics on polygons and points yet.

 To use the rules, best if you have ''four'' layers:[[BR]]

 1. points[[BR]]

 2. polygons[[BR]]

 3. lines[[BR]]

 4. polygons

 Layer 2 (top polygon layer) is used mainly for closed highways (such as
 roundabout) that the QGIS osm-to-layer converter converts to polygons.
 Rendering is ugly without this layer in many areas (fun example here:
 [http://osm.org/go/0CheErNHu-/ roundabouts near Malpensa airport]; I could
 not have a nice result with only 3 layers).

 The lines layer uses symbol levels. It will look ugly without the full
 patch mentioned here: ticket:2832#comment:8

 Beware: you have to activate symbol levels BEFORE opening the
 highway_all_rules_v34.qml file. If you modify the rules and save them, you
 have to add  ' symbollevels="1" ' (without the single quotes) after '
 <renderer-v2 ' on the forth line of the qml file.

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