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Mon Sep 6 08:35:26 EDT 2010

#2983: New Gamma Parameter For Oblique mercator Not Accepted
   Reporter:  alexckp                           |              Owner:  nobody       
       Type:  bug                               |             Status:  new          
   Priority:  major: does not work as expected  |          Milestone:  Version 1.6.0
  Component:  Projection Support                |            Version:  Trunk        
   Keywords:                                    |   Platform_version:               
   Platform:  Debian                            |           Must_fix:  No           
Status_info:  0                                 |  
 Frank Warmerdam recently updated the proj4 trunk codes for OSgeo4w to
 enable the gamma parameter. I downloaded the latest nightly qgis build and
 found the gamma parameter works when using custom crs test box. I was also
 able to save the newly defined parameters as a customized crs.

 However, when I checked the parameters in the layer properties, the gamma
 parameter is still somehow rejected and I am therefore still unable to
 reproject the layer to wgs84 coordinates. Could it be that the proj4 codes
 are not properly compiled into the nightly build?

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