[QGIS-trac] Re: [Quantum GIS] #2772: gpx files show only points not lines

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Thu Sep 23 18:47:05 EDT 2010

#2772: gpx files show only points not lines
        Reporter:  ScottParker                       |         Owner:  gjm                                
            Type:  bug                               |        Status:  closed                             
        Priority:  major: does not work as expected  |     Milestone:  Version 1.5.0                      
       Component:  Vectors                           |       Version:  Trunk                              
      Resolution:  fixed                             |      Keywords:  gpx drag drop load waypoints tracks
Platform_version:                                    |      Platform:  OS X                               
        Must_fix:  No                                |   Status_info:  0                                  

Comment(by ScottParker):

 I have verified that #2772 is fixed in version 14026.  Thanks for fixing
 it and sorry for the delay in verifying.  I'm just now getting around to
 loading the latest version after getting some other work done.


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