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#3041: Make the GdalTools command window editable
   Reporter:  brushtyler                        |              Owner:  brushtyler   
       Type:  enhancement                       |             Status:  new          
   Priority:  major: does not work as expected  |          Milestone:  Version 1.6.0
  Component:  Python plugins and bindings       |            Version:               
   Keywords:                                    |   Platform_version:               
   Platform:  Debian                            |           Must_fix:  No           
Status_info:  0                                 |  
 Perhaps a way to increase the flexibility not having to follow the many
 request of the kind "why don't you add this option?" would be having the
 current text window where the command is written
 as an editable window, where the user could add options for which
 there is no tab in the menu.

 I know we can now just cut and paste into an editor, edit there and run
 the edited command, but if this editing could be done directly in the
 Raster tools window, that would enhance operationality.

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