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#3867: problems with RGB rasters under Windows
   Reporter:  lutra                             |              Owner:  nobody       
       Type:  bug                               |             Status:  new          
   Priority:  major: does not work as expected  |          Milestone:  Version 1.7.0
  Component:  Rasters                           |            Version:  Trunk        
   Keywords:                                    |   Platform_version:               
   Platform:  Windows                           |           Must_fix:  Yes          
Status_info:  0                                 |  
 Hi all,

 a few users reported to me saying that they were having problems with
 rasters under Windows (long time to open rasters, resulting image with
 "funny" colors) so I started a few tests.

 After a *lot* of tests, removing and re-installing form scratch both
 qgis (osgeo4w and standalone, the latter created with creatensis.pl) and
 Windows (XP and Seven, both 32 and 64 bit) on different machines, I can
 confirm this issue:

 On qgis-trunk (but probably also under 1.7) it takes a lot of time to
 open RGB rasters (single band rasters are not affected), even small
 TIFFs of 30mb. Then the resulting image renders with "wrong" colors.
 After the raster is added to the canvas, zooming and panning the map
 seems normal.

 QGIS 1.6 is not affected as it isn't qgis-trunk under Linux.

 I'll open a ticket about this issue with a couple of screenshots just to
 show what I mean with "wrong" colors.

 Odd enough, I have also a XP machine (I haven't reinstalled de OS on
 this one) that already had qgis-trunk osgeo4w installed and doesn't show
 the above issue and that is not replicable even removing and
 re-installing qgis from scratch.

 Anyone else is seeing this?

Ticket URL: <https://trac.osgeo.org/qgis/ticket/3867>
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