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Your mentioned sponsoring was donated by the Dept. of Geoinformation
(SO!GIS) of the Kanton of Solothurn/Switzerland. 

At the year 2001 the parliament of the Kanton Solothurn decided to
migrate from Windows Desktop to Linux Desktop. At the first step SO!GIS
builds up a web based Server/Client GIS framework for more than 2500
clients, based on Linux, PostGIS, Apache/PHP and UMN MapServer. This
solution works very successful since 2001. 

The next step will be to migrate our desktop GIS from ESRI desktop GIS
ArcView 3.x/ArcInfo to OS Desktop GIS. We evaluated different systems
and we decided to use QGIS in conjunction with GRASS. This decision
allowes to substitute the mentioned proprietary systems. But QGIS lacks
some essential features, p.e. robust and featured Mapcomposer or a
scripting language to extend the basic QGIS desktop with different new
features like ArcView3 avenue. We hope that our donation will lead to
fill this lacks. Some additional feature enhancements are proposed to
the bug trac by me.

We hope to reach this target at the end of 2007. So I think more
donations will be done by SO!GIS at 2007. For further informations you
can take a look at (unfortunately all in German). The
online data shop will be translated to english in the next days. There
you can download most of our data for free.

Best regards

Dr. Horst Düster
GIS-Koordinator, Stv. Amtschef

Kanton Solothurn
Bau- und Justizdepartement
Amt für Geoinformation
SO!GIS Koordination
Rötistrasse 4
4501 Solothurn

Telefon 032 627 25 32
Telefax 032 627 22 14

mailto:horst.duester at


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Just noticed the first large donation: 2k$!
Great, thanks.
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