[Qgis-User] QGis (Windows) Customization Help

Craig Leat Craig at pid.co.za
Sat Feb 17 02:16:11 EST 2007

Hi Elavazhagan

If you definitely need to write a plugin then start with chapter 10 in the
User Guide of the 0.8 Titan release. If you are using the Titan installer
for Windows, available for download on the Qgis website then the User Guide
(userguide.pdf) should be located in: c:\Program Files\Quantum

You could also take a look at Marco Hugentobler's plugin presentation from
last year's FOSS4G conference. The presentation slides are available here:

I don't know what kind of customization you have in mind, but before
creating something of your own check that GRASS (http://grass.itc.it/)
doesn't already offer the functionality you require.

Good luck.

Craig Leat

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South Africa
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I am a novice QGis user and I am working under Windows environment. I need
to customize (or create external plug-in for) QGis so that I can add my own
functionalities to it. I have experience in customizing ESRI ArcMap
application using ArcObjects. But, QGis seems to be totally different from
that. I would be happy if someone could help me out with a walkthrough for
customizing QGis under Windows.

Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thank you.



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