[Qgis-user] Slow web page and missing downloads

Jonathan Aguero jua130 at psu.edu
Thu Mar 22 12:29:20 EDT 2007

I am actually using Windows but since a previous threat ask for a problem
with loading shape files that seem to be resolved in the 0.8.1p3 I thought
it might help this person if he was able to get this prerelease in his
platform. Now that I think more about it, this is actually a pre-release so
the equivalent to the development version on LINUX/OS X.
I also got this mail from you without even getting the mail I sent to the
list in my mailbox. Is there a reason for the delay on the mails sent from
the list?

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On Mar 22, 2007, at 7:32 AM, Jonathan Aguero wrote:

> In other note, I was looking for downloads for 0.8.1 for OSs other  
> than windows but I couldn't find any file. Am I looking at the  
> wrong place?
We haven't released 0.8.1 yet--the Windows version is a  preview  
release to make sure there aren't any significant issues. What  
platform are you using?
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