[Qgis-user] why...........?Please help me.

lovely rose sdkfdfg at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 25 06:51:13 EDT 2007

     Hello everyone.
     Errors occurred during QGIS compilation:

     Environment: Windows 2003 £¬using cmake, msys and mingw to compile   
from SVN.
    When  I tried to use the command "Add a vector Layer" or "Add a Raster 
Layer" to add a map layer, a dialogue window will come up. The names of 
listed for selection in this window have only first a few letters followed 
For example, the original name is mytest_add_layer.shp and will be shown as 

My question is how to avoid this abbreviation?
  Thank you for every advice which you give me.
Your QGIS friend : Xin Hai

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