[Qgis-user] Questions about QGIS

Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Tue Mar 27 16:56:10 EDT 2007


I am writing a presentation about QGIS for a treadshow next week (I am a 
little bit late). This presentation aims to give some détail for 3 
softwares : uDIG, GvSIG and QGIS, and so to give the possibility to compare 
this software.

I am looking for some information about QGIS:

# Is it easy to create new plugin ? I think the developper need to know some 
langage (C ?) and the QGIS API.  I followed the workshop at Lausanne and it 
did not seem so difficulet, whereas I don't know anything about C/C++ :-/
# How does the project is managed ? Is there some companies which give money 
or pay developpers ? it seems mrcc host the website ?
# What is the simpliest objectif for QGIS : give a **complete** software 
**easy** to use ?
# About the futur of QGIS, the roadmap is not up to date on the wiki, do you 
plan to update it ?

Thanks for your answers. I am sure QGIS will find the favour ;-)

Yves Jacolin

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