[Qgis-user] [Fwd: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Can I do the same GIS tasks with OS (as with ESRI)?]

Goyo goyodiaz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 16:03:52 EDT 2008

No you can't replace ArcView with open source and you can't replace open
source with ArcView.

When certain day things came to GIS at work, I found QGIS and GRASS with
all those drawbacks and got the job done. It wouldn't have be possible
with ESRI software because of its drawbacks. So open source 1 - ESRI 0
for me.

Moreover, by reading this list every night I know there are smart guys
doing his best in order to address QGIS drawbacks so I'm confident. I
couldn't really tell the same of ESRI guys.

Best regards


El lun, 28-04-2008 a las 09:06 +0200, Paolo Cavallini escribió:
> I do not feel all too comfortable about these statements: am I wrong?
> All the best.
> pc
> -------- Messaggio Originale  --------
> Among the things that QGIS (and other open source desktops) can't do
> are a table join, a spatial join, high quality paper output, and
> symbolized thematic mapping.  Particular drawbacks of QGIS include the
> single-threaded user interface model (ui locks during render, making
> work with large files very stop-n-go) and relatively simple editing
> tools.
> I think it's contingent on us as evangelizers to not over-sell. I
> would not recommend QGIS or any other open source desktop to someone
> whose prior experience was Arc* until I had a clear understanding of
> the use case. In response to the query "can I replace ArcView with
> open source", my answer is "in general, no, but maybe for a specific
> use case".

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