[Qgis-user] something like google-earth

Werner Macho werner.macho at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 08:45:21 EDT 2008

hi all!

sorry for off-topic but you are the one i expect the most useful answer 
Recently I searched a lot of time in the internet for a open-source 
server software like googleearth (in combination with panoramio)

I need a software where i can add pictures to a certain point and 
describe them with a few words.
For understanding. I'm working in flooding risk management and we do a 
lot of research of highwater floods.
When we have to monitor a highwater there are a lot of pictures i'd like 
to pin to the correct place (pictures are not necessarily taken with gps 
coordinates but i know where they are taken)

The shape files from the rivers i already have - and mostly a complete 
dataset from the area there with borderlines between districts and so 
on.. the only thing missing for me is the combination of pictures into 
the map. unfortunately both,the map-data we get from government and the 
pictures we take, can not be given away (restrictions from government) 
so i cant (and obviously i dont want to) use google for that data storage.

Is anything like that available somewhere? is it possible to do that 
with qgis? has anybode done this

thx for your help


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