AW: [Qgis-user] Diagram branch - move to trunk or compile for Windows?

John Abraham jabraham at
Mon Aug 11 11:16:02 EDT 2008

Hugentobler Marco wrote:
> Hi John,
> Unfortunately, it is not possible to merge the diagram branch to trunk because the feature freeze for 1.0 is very soon.
> I updated the diagram branch to contain the newest developments of trunk (until today) and compiled a windows binary:
This is fantastic, thanks.

But of course we eventually want it in the trunk!  If there's anything I 
can do to help, let me know.

> But it does not contain python and GRASS support. For the compilation of a comprehensive windows build, Marco Pasetti would be the person to ask.
I am not working with python and GRASS currently.

John Abraham
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> Regards,
> Marco H.
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> Betreff: [Qgis-user] Diagram branch - move to trunk or compile for Windows?
> I have a need for diagram symbology -- little pie charts or bar charts 
> on top of each shape.  This is present in the "Diagram Branch", that 
> I've successfully checked out and built for MacOS.  But it was a painful 
> process for me, as a Java programmer, to compile a C program.
> I imagine I will have even more trouble trying to compile under Windows, 
> since I'm even less of a Windows programmer than I am a C programmer.  
> Has someone built (can someone build?) the Diagram Branch for Windows, 
> and if so can they ship it to me?
> Or, even better, can it be integrated into the trunk now?
> Background: we're hoping to include QGIS (and PostgreSQL and PostGIS) in 
> our standard distribution of PECAS, an open-source spatial economic 
> simulation framework that state and local governments use to evaluate 
> transportation infrastructure, transportation policy and land use 
> regulations.  Government agencies run two scenarios for 30 years with 
> PECAS, and then want to look at the differences between the scenarios, 
> and the trends through time, on a GIS.  Bar charts are good for showing 
> trends through time, and can also be good for showing two values (from 
> two scenarios) side-by-side.
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