[Qgis-user] Resolved: new python plugin does not show up

Tara Athan tara_athan at alt2is.com
Sat Feb 2 12:13:44 EST 2008

I do not have psycopg, but otherwise following your advice I got the 
plugin to the point where it would attempt to compile and produce the 
"no psycopg" error.  Since psycopg is not included with the QGIS windows 
build, perhaps a plugin example that doesn't depend on this would be 
better for the manual.  I downloaded the psycopg library, but their 
website is down and there is no installation notes so I wasn't sure how 
to incorporate it.  Its not that important as I was just trying to 
follow the example, but it could definitely throw off a novice trying to 
follow the manual.  I did get the raster info plugin working, so I guess 
I'm ready to  dive into the qgis API and build something new!

Thanks for your help.


Richard Duivenvoorde wrote:
> Hi Tara,
> the good news: you (almost) succeeded. Here is your stuff back (I 
> upgraded it to version 0.11 :-)
> 1) don't put python plugins in the directory:
> C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS_091\share\qgis\python\plugins\
> You are right, that's where the plugin installer is (which is I would 
> say still beta (aka not yet working the way it is supposed to yet).
> But put your files in a directory new_layer here:
> C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS_091\python\plugins\new_layer
> There (after some fixes...) it works!!
> 2) python is very picky with whitespaces! you will see error messages 
> when you put your old plugin code in the right place ;-)
> I removed them, or changed them (see new zip)
> 3) remove the linenumbers in your newlayer.py
> 4) you're including the python library pscopg (needed for python to 
> interact with Postgresql. Do you have that lib installed in your 
> python installation? I did'nt, and got errormessages, so I changed the 
> version to psycopg2 (a library I do have). You should use/have one of 
> those installed.
> 5) your button did't show up in the buttonbar, but the plugin shows up 
> in the pluginmanager! This is because the name you define in the 
> resources.qrc should match the name you use for it in your code:
> /plugins/new_layer/new_layer_icon.png
> in the qrc file should match the name you use in your code:
> self.action = QAction(QIcon(":/plugins/new_layer/new_layer_icon.png"),
> After fixing this, it's loading.
> So I would say, congrat with your first plugin!
> Read something about python's whitespaces here: 
> http://www.python.org/doc/essays/styleguide.html
> here http://docs.python.org/ or http://docs.python.org/tut/tut.html
> psycopg or psycopg2 can be downloaded here:
> http://www.initd.org/pub/software/psycopg/
> If you need an even easier plugin to start with, start with this one 
> here:
> http://blog.qgis.org/?q=node/104
> Good luck
> Richard Duivenvoorde
> attached some screendumps to prove your plugin is loaded (0.9.1 on 
> WinXP), and the code cleaned up a little and 'loadable' (all in the zip)
> Tara Athan wrote:
>> answers embedded. Thanks for the help - Tara
>> Richard Duivenvoorde wrote:
>>> Hi Tara,
>>> where did you put you plugin stuff?
>> C:\Program Files\Quantum GIS_091\share\qgis\python\plugins\new_layer
>> This is the same folder that contains the plugin plugin_installer, 
>> which does appear in my Plugin Manager
>> (and works when installed, except there is an error when I tried to 
>> download something- concerning permissions.
>> Perhaps there is something wrong with the permissions of the folder 
>> new_layer?
>> Another Windows system thing I am not very familiar with.)
>>> which files did you put there?
>> __init__.py
>> new_layer_icon.png
>> newlayer.py
>> resources.py
>> resources.qrc
>> I copied the names from Explorer to make sure these are the exact names
>>> Can you reply to this mail with the exact paths you are put your files?
>>> As an example, my plugin is here (I installed qgis in 
>>> C:\programs\QGIS091):
>>> C:\programs\QGIS091\python\plugins\imagemap_plugin
>>> Maybe you can also sent me the files? I can look into them if you want.
>> files attached in zip
>>> Didn't you see an error-message dialog?
>> No, no error message.
>>> Regards Richard Duivenvoorde
>>> Tara Athan wrote:
>>>> I have  now made it through all the steps in the manual (Section 
>>>> 11, subsection 7) for Using the Python Plugin.
>>>> However the NewLayer plugin does not appear in the PlugIn Manager.
>>>> I see a similar post on the Plugin forum (Developer>Plugins August, 
>>>> 2007) but there were no replies.
>>>> Version 0.9.0, 0.9.1 (I tried it in both)
>>>> Platform WIndows XP SP2
>>>> Thanks, Tara

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