[Qgis-user] SSL Support in QGIS Builds, esp. Windows and MacOSX

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Jul 16 10:05:04 EDT 2008

Hi QGIS developers,

Some colleagues of mine and I need SSL support in QGIS to access a Postgis
server which only allows SSL connections. While this is no problem on
Linux, where I have a build environment, I can't compile Windows and Mac
versions myself - well maybe I could do it for Mac, but definitely not on

So my question or wish to the QGIS packagers is that SSL support in
Windows and Mac builds (potentially also Linux binaries) would have SSL
support enabled by default.

I don't know how much effort this needs or how complex it is to do SSL
enabled Windows and Mac binaries?

Thank you for considering my feature request for the final 1.0 QGIS release.


Andreas Neumann
Böschacherstrasse 6, CH-8624 Grüt/Gossau, Switzerland
Email: a.neumann at carto.net, Web:
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* http://www.carto.net/neumann/ (personal page)
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