[Qgis-user] printing with metis?

Marco Pasetti marcopstt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 09:36:00 EDT 2008

Hi Andreas,

> Marco (Pasetti) - can you elaborate on what you want to see adressed
> regarding the usability in the print composer? Any concrete suggestions?
> As you said, it would be better to discuss the usability problems first
> before everything is implemented.

yes, I agree; the topic needs to be expanded...

OT: you (all) can call me as marcopx (my commit username) to not make 
confusion between me and Marco Hugentoblers ;)

> you mean a "tooltip"? - this would be a good idea!

yes, correct; what I recorded from many users (myself too) is that when you 
press a button in the Map Composer nothing actually happens; you need to put 
the mouse over the map an press the left button again to see the object 
placed on the map; what I suggest is:

1. when the user press an "add object" button, the object may be 
automatically placed on the map, with a standard (small) dimension and 
position (left up corner?)
2. on mouse over the object may show a tooltip showing the name of the 
3. users should be able to resize the objects on the page directly with the 
mouse (such as resizing windows); now resizing is possible only giving the 
width-height parameters as numbers (that's good for a fine sizing, but not 
for a quick one)
4. (minor) the layout page should be zoomable also using the mouse wheel

That's mainly what I suggest

I'll give you more notes if I'll write down some new :)



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