R: [Qgis-user] raster support of JP2

marco.pasetti at alice.it marco.pasetti at alice.it
Tue Jun 17 12:16:49 EDT 2008

Hi John,

>Is there a configuration step 
>I missed

no, there's not.

>do I need to download QGIS source code and build it myself 
>with JP2 support somehow?

yes, but not only...

>FYI, I'm also using FWTools 2.1.0, which uses GDAL 1.6.0dev, and I can 
>work with JP2 (Kakadu) files fine.

because FWTools are built with JP2 support

>Would simply copying the GDAL 
>exe/dll files from FWTools into QGIS install directory work?

no, they don't

To enable JP2 support in Quantum GIS, you need to:

1. build the whole MSYS/MinGW or VS environment (it depends on the library) up to GDAL; that means that you need:

1.01. flex
1.02. bison
1.02. zlib
1.03. libjpeg
1.04. libpng
1.05. libtiff
1.06. xdr
1.07. freetype
1.08. FFTW
1.09. PDCurses
1.10. PROJ.4
1.11. GEOS
1.12. GSL
1.13. Expat
1.14. PostgreSQL
1.15. SQLite

2. build GDAL with GEOS, Expat, PostgreSQL and SQLite support + JP2 support (preferably with VS)

3. build GRASS (only with MSYS/MinGW)

4. rebuild GDAL with GRASS support (+ the above mentioned supports)

5. build SIP, PyQT and, finally, QGIS (with MSYS/MinGW or VS, as you like)

more information are available on my BuildFromSource Guide (to be updated soon) here: http://www.webalice.it/marco.pasetti/qgis+grass/BuildFromSource.html


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