[Qgis-user] dbf editor for mac for grass and qgis

David J. Bakeman dbakeman at comcast.net
Wed Oct 8 20:26:20 EDT 2008

I've used the shapelib http://shapelib.maptools.org/ based tools and 
shell scripts to edit extremely large dbf files on many occasions.

maning sambale wrote:
> Hi,
> My usual workflow is like this:
> All my vectors are in GRASS database and I view them with QGIS.
> For editing vector attributes, I basically browse the GRASS vectors in
> QGIS then edit the dbf attributes with OpenOffice calc or base.
> So far so good.  This time I have a vector with more than 100K
> records.  Editing with calc is not possible (hitting the limit of 65K
> rows) and its painstakingly slow in OO base.
> I'm looking for ways to speed things up.  I cannot find a decent dbf
> editor for mac.  Any ideas?
> cheers,
> maning

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