[Qgis-user] the table manager for the trunk

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Tue Oct 28 05:26:05 EDT 2008

Tuesday 28 of October 2008 09:53:49 Димитър Василев napisał(a):
> Hi!
> I'm using the QGIS 1.0 Preview 1 Windows Build on XP SP3
> I installed the new Table Manager Plugin 0.1.5 from
> http://bwj.aster.net.pl/temp/tablemanager-2008-10-27.zip
> When I tryed to use it on any ESRI Shapefile I got the same error as Dr.
> Agustin Lobo reported:

The zip I've provided above is for recent trunk QGIS version. 
For the 1.0-Preview-1 you should use the 'ordinary' table manager from my 
repository (you may need to enable the 3rd party repositories).

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