[Qgis-user] Installer update - more repositories needed! ;)

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Fri Sep 12 03:53:35 EDT 2008

Borys Jurgiel wrote:

> Wednesday 10 of September 2008 16:25:41 Micha Silver napisał(a):
>> Hello Borys:
>> Today, in a small seminar I was giving using qgis (the first lesson
>> was to add your new plugin installer) I noticed that on WinXP, a
>> user with a non-ascii username couldn't install the plugin. The
>> error showed that the "foreign" characters in the path to .qgis were
>> not parsed - in the error message the path appeared as "C:\Documents
>> and Settings\\.qis" which of course is wrong) . On the same
>> computer, after adding a new user with a simple ascii-only username,
>> the installer worked fine. Is this something you'd like to address?
>> Regards,
>> Micha
> Hello Micha,
> Did the problem affect the NEW Installer? Or just weren't you able to install 
> the new installer due to the error in the old one? 
Yes, you are right. The *old* installer would not install plugins when 
the username has UFT8 chars.
> I hope the latter. The old installer wasn't compatible with UTF strings, but 
> the new one should be. So try to download it manually:
> www.bwj.aster.net.pl/qgis-oldapi/plugin_installer.zip 
> and unpack the to the:
> C:\Documents and Settings\username\.qis\python\plugins\
THis worked fine.  Thanks.
> (or just copy from any "ASCII-only account")
> I hope it will work fine then.
> _______________________________________________

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