[Qgis-user] QGIS windows v's linux from a newbie perspective

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Apr 1 16:26:24 EDT 2009

I try to avoid ecw and MrSid as you never know what these companies are up
to. Tomorrow they may charge you more to access your image data. It is
never good to store your data in formats you have no control of.

Storage space is so cheap nowadays that I store all of my data in tiffs.

ECW is easy to compile on Linux. I never tried to compile MrSid. Back when
I tried it was also slower than tiff (with pyramids) and interoperability
with other GIS software was poor.


On Wed, April 1, 2009 6:51 pm, Agustin Lobo wrote:
> Darren,
> If you need ECW/Mrsid support (which is important here as most official
> imagery is freely distributed
> as MrSid and many (excellent) hiking maps as ECW, that in addition to
> the Landsat imagery in the
> https://zulu.ssc.nasa.gov/mrsid/), then, I must sadly state that you
> face the following alternative:
> You either use windows and qgis or use linux and not qgis
> (unless you are able to make an special compilation of gdal libraries
> and the compile qgis with those libraries in linux)
> Also, as far as I have seen, using grass under windows is not as
> straightforward as using it in linux, although it seems
> that this is improving.
> Agus
> (an ubuntu user forced to often use windows)
> Darren Norris wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> From a QGIS user (newbie) perspective which OS (Vista or openSUSE
>> 11.1) will be easiest to install and maintain (put me in the same
>> basket as one of the undergraduates with Agustin Loboto
>> http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/qgis-user/2009-March/004872.html ) .
>> I need QGIS for visualising and also editing / creating vector data
>> held in GRASS (QGIS must have GRASS / python plugin) / MySQL (via eVIS
>> -I have instructions how to install eVIS from source on openSUSE).
>> Apologies for a slightly general question (long winded email) but I am
>> hoping there are users who can share experiences to enable me to
>> decide which OS will meet my needs best.
>> I am starting a little GIS project with a tight deadline. I would like
>> to do all this via open source. To deliver project results I would
>> need GRASS, QGIS, MySQL and R to play nicely together.
>> However many recent discussions have left me unsure about
>> 1) whether using this combination of free software is a wise move at
>> this time (based on a tight deadline and poor dial up connection I am
>> not able to spend days reading forums or reinstalling / trying
>> different installer settings / software versions) and
>> 2) on which OS will it be the simplest to install and maintain.
>> Just a short outline of what I will be doing:
>> I can go 2 routes Vista or openSUSE. The work is for a single user
>> (me) on a 32 bit laptop 2GB ram, 1.83 GHz processor.
>> I will be mapping vector data (points = species locations, lines /
>> polygons = survey transects and hydrology - rivers etc) to classified
>> landsat images.
>> I will probably use GRASS for the majority of GIS work (small scale)-
>> one landsat scene at a time for image processing, hydrological
>> analysis etc. Here I will also need R for additional spatial analysis
>> so maybe windows isn't an option but that's for another list!
>> http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/grass-stats/2009-February/000919.html .
>> Many thanks for taking the time to read this far and for any
>> thoughts....
>> Darren
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