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Thu Apr 9 07:08:26 EDT 2009

Hello.. if you work with economic or sociological data, you'll have often to
display (and sometimes to analyse) data that have a geographical dimension.

For example, you may want to render a map of average incomes by state. Or
average age by county, etcc...

The normal procedure that my colleagues run in order to achieve this, is to
dynamically link to a shapefile of the admin borders a dbf or Excel
spreadshet where the data of their interest reside. Some people still use
ArcView 3.1!

The problem is that I am completelly unable to replicate this in qGIS :-(

Is there in the core? Is any plugin capable to perform such attribute
linkage ?


Antonello Lobianco
antonello a.t lobianco.org
sip:0719206160 at voip.eutelia.it <sip%3A0719206160 at voip.eutelia.it>
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