[Qgis-user] Relational Databases and PostGIS formatting of Vector Data

Peter Willis peterw at borstad.com
Thu Apr 9 13:53:40 EDT 2009

Carson Farmer wrote:
> Peter,
>>> What tool did you use to import the layer into POSTGIS?
>> Quantum GIS.
> My guess is you actually used the SPIT plugin, which is a C++ plugin 
> included with QGIS, and is a gui frontend to shp2pgsql...
> Carson

Yes, that is correct.
Are there any other 'shp ingesters' for use with QGIS?

I am thinking that my complaint regarding proper normal form
for vector data ingested into postgresql should also be tempered
with the idea that any database user could reorganize the ingested
data into any format they desire. Therefore, it's not as though
anything is actually irreparably disorganized or broken.

Technically one could just add a trigger to the system catalogs
to check if a new table has been added to the database and then
go from there.


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