[Qgis-user] Relational Databases and PostGIS formatting of Vector Data

Peter Willis peterw at borstad.com
Thu Apr 9 14:49:09 EDT 2009

Carson Farmer wrote:

> AFAIK the PostGIS manager plugin is also able to load shapefiles into 
> PostGIS, and this is a nice simple way to manage your database directly 
> from within QGIS.

> Yes, I think you're probably right here. It would be difficult to create 
> a tool that would import data into pgsql the way that everyone or anyone 
> would like... so KISS is the best solution (keep it simple s...) from 
> here it's up to the database maintainer to keep things the way they want 
> it...

Well, there should be some type of organizational standard so that
applications, like QGIS, can query the database properly. Then again,
that could be handled by a database function that simply provides
a table/view of postgresql data in the proper organization.

> Th postgis user lists would probably benefit from this discussion, have 
> you suggested similar things there? Most of us on the QGIS lists aren't 
> database experts, so a better discussion would probably come out of the 
> postgis lists.

No, I haven't suggested this on that list.

My only real worry was that if I import 200 vectors, I will end up with
200 different tables in the database...


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