[Qgis-user] MrSid support on 64-bit Linux?

Mark A. Haun haunma at keteu.org
Wed Apr 15 00:13:28 EDT 2009


I need some mapping software to plan hiking trips with DRG topo maps,
aerial photography, DEMs, and so forth.  I've been using OziExplorer
under Wine but it has its quirks.  I thought I would check out a real
GIS solution, and QGIS looks interesting.  Before I try it out, though,
I need to know if my MrSid data will be usable.  (To keep this
discussion focused, converting all of my map data to TIFF is "off the
table" for now.)

I don't mind building QGIS and its dependencies myself, but I would
really like to know beforehand if MrSid support (using the DSDK from
LizardTech) is working on Linux.  Google turns up some half-answers
along the lines of "you should be able to..." and "theoretically all
you need to do is...", but I have yet to find a concrete "Yes, I tried
it, it works, and here's how."  As an added wrinkle, I'm running amd64
Debian, but I do see a claim of 64-bit support in the latest DSDK on
the LizardTech web site.

So... any success reports, on either x86 or x86-64?



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