[Qgis-user] Re: Plans to improve manage-R

Carson Farmer carson.farmer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 09:34:45 EDT 2009

Hi Nikos,
> I don't want to repeat how useful your plugins are. Rather, I want to
> ask if you plan to improve manage-R:
> * command syntax support/highlighting
yes, eventually...
> * command auto-complete function
definitely... soon
> * customisable appearance (font shape/size, background color, etc. --
> separate from default qt-config)
I have started to address this (you can change the background and text 
colours by adjusting the [theme] variables in the plugins .ini file (see 
manageR help). Hopefully I'll add some gui options to the manageR 
dialog... the only issue is that according to the QGIS gui guidelines, 
only the main application is supposed to have a menu bar, so I will 
likely have to find alternative ways of doing this...

Hopefully that's what you were hoping to hear. Please let me know if you 
have any further suggestions, or would like to contribute at all.



Carson J. Q. Farmer
ISSP Doctoral Fellow
National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG),
Email: Carson.Farmer at gmail.com
Web:   http://www.carsonfarmer.com/

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