AW: [Qgis-user] WFS Support in QGIS ?!

Peter Willis peterw at
Tue Apr 28 14:10:10 EDT 2009

Hello Marco,

I just tried the WFS plug-in. It Worked!!! :)
It even loaded all the attributes.

I stand corrected regarding WFS and QGIS.

Maybe the plug-in should be moved into the
'Layer' menu.

One additional note: I have WFS attributes coming
from Mapserver version 5 that are represented in
mapserver namespace
(ie: <ms:[attribute name]>[attribute value]</ms:[attribute name]>)
Although I am happy that QGIS finds the attributes in that namespace 
context, I am wondering if QGIS will also find attributes when expressed
in wfs namespace as properties.



Or do I have the wrong WFS XML specification....?
Does it matter?

Best Regards,


Hugentobler Marco wrote:
> Hi Peter
> There is WFS support in QGIS with the WFS plugin (plugins -> manage plugins -> WFS plugin). However, be warned that it has not the same level of maturity as the WMS support. Also, the WFS provider loads everything into virtual memory which might be too much for really big datasets.
> Regards,
> Marco
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> Hello,
> I see support for WMS layer import which works reasonably well.
> I am not seeing WFS feature support, including the attribute
> data that belongs to the requested feature.
> WFS support in a GIS is, in some ways, more important than WMS
> support. This is due to the fact that the GIS can already 'map'
> things. The point of a GIS is to be able to analyze geographic data
> based on the assigned attributes given to geographic locales.
> Being able to use WMS to make pretty pictures is all well and good.
> The *real* work of GIS has always been in the data analysis.
> The OGC standards for geographic data interchange
> (ie: WFS, WMS, SOS, WCS, GML, TML,...etc.)
> should be the main focus of any aspiring GIS product/application.
> QGIS programmers can be proud of the fact that they are one of
> only 4 applications that reasonably support WMS. There are a
> few non-free applications out there that are supporting WMS
> very poorly.
> There are currently *NO applications* that are properly supporting
> WFS. Although I haven't looked at ESRI products lately. It would be
> quite a coupe for QGIS to move ahead of the pack by supporting
> import/export of the majority of the OGC specifications.
> While testing, using a multi-polygon vector with 31478 polygons,
> each with 3 attributes,I have noticed that **BOTH** Mozilla Thunderbird
> and M.S Internet Explorer run out of memory while downloading large WFS
> vector requests in XML format.
> I downloaded the same vector using 'wget'. The resulting XML file size
> was a bit larger than 82MB.
> When developing robust applications for WFS (or any other XML format)
> it may be wise to anticipate massive files.
> Best Regards,
> Peter
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