[Qgis-user] Color table for raster map

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Wed Jan 14 14:43:09 EST 2009

The easies way is to make a text file (classification.txt) and add the 
color entries by hand. So the contents of the file will look like:

11,0,0,255,255,Post-flooding or irrigated croplands (or aquatic)
14,0,255,0,255,Rainfed croplands
20,255,0,255,Mosaic cropland (50-70%) / vegetation 
(grassland/shrubland/forest) (20-50%)

This will set pixels 11 to blue, 14 to green and 20 to red. The format 
is really basic.
pixel value, red, green, blue, alpha, label (no commas)

Then on the colormap tab, you can click the "Load color map from file" 
button, second one from the top right.

Eventually it is planned that it will be able to read a variety of 
different colormap formats.


Agustin Lobo wrote:
> I've got a landcover map in raster format (a tif file)
> from GLOBOVER 
> (http://postel.mediasfrance.org/en/BIOGEOPHYSICAL-PRODUCTS/Land-Cover/)
> The raster is opened in QGIS as "Single Band Grey"
> How can I set an arbitrary color table? I can see how
> to set a ramp, but this is a classified image, in which
> integer values stand for different types
> i,e,:
> 11    Post-flooding or irrigated croplands (or aquatic)
> 14    Rainfed croplands
> 20    Mosaic cropland (50-70%) / vegetation 
> (grassland/shrubland/forest) (20-50%)
> for which different colors should be set as in "unique value"
> for vector maps.
> Thanks
> Agus

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