[Qgis-user] Color table for raster map

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Wed Jan 21 09:12:20 EST 2009

Not quite yet



Agustin Lobo wrote:
> Seems a good solution by now, thanks. In particular
> because the recommended RGB colors are provided by the authors
> for that map.
> Is there any way of displaying the annotated color table in the legend or
> in the canvas for printing?
> Agus
> Peter Ersts wrote:
>> The easies way is to make a text file (classification.txt) and add 
>> the color entries by hand. So the contents of the file will look like:
>> 11,0,0,255,255,Post-flooding or irrigated croplands (or aquatic)
>> 14,0,255,0,255,Rainfed croplands
>> 20,255,0,255,Mosaic cropland (50-70%) / vegetation 
>> (grassland/shrubland/forest) (20-50%)
>> This will set pixels 11 to blue, 14 to green and 20 to red. The 
>> format is really basic.
>> pixel value, red, green, blue, alpha, label (no commas)
>> Then on the colormap tab, you can click the "Load color map from 
>> file" button, second one from the top right.
>> Eventually it is planned that it will be able to read a variety of 
>> different colormap formats.
>> -pete
>> Agustin Lobo wrote:
>>> I've got a landcover map in raster format (a tif file)
>>> from GLOBOVER 
>>> (http://postel.mediasfrance.org/en/BIOGEOPHYSICAL-PRODUCTS/Land-Cover/)
>>> The raster is opened in QGIS as "Single Band Grey"
>>> How can I set an arbitrary color table? I can see how
>>> to set a ramp, but this is a classified image, in which
>>> integer values stand for different types
>>> i,e,:
>>> 11    Post-flooding or irrigated croplands (or aquatic)
>>> 14    Rainfed croplands
>>> 20    Mosaic cropland (50-70%) / vegetation 
>>> (grassland/shrubland/forest) (20-50%)
>>> for which different colors should be set as in "unique value"
>>> for vector maps.
>>> Thanks
>>> Agus

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