[Qgis-user] serious problems with the editing tools on Windows (OSGeo4W and standalone)

flavio rigolon flavio.rigolon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 04:59:54 EDT 2009

2009/7/24 G. Allegri <giohappy at gmail.com>

> The few times I've used the editing tools in QGis it was on my Linux box.
> Now I was testing it on Windows for a customer and I've found the following
> problems, that I've reported with a ticket on the OSGeo4W and QGis tracs.
> It happens both on Stable and Unstable QGis on OSGeo4W and standalone
> distributions. The editing tools don't handle correctly mouse events
> coordinates. In particular it seems that the editings don't grep the mouse
> click coordinates after the first feature has been drawn. The coordinates
> remain stuck to the ones of the last geometry.
>    - If one tries to create a new point layer every added feature geometry
>    collapse on the same position of the first one added.
>    - With lines after the first line is addes the followings get snapped
>    to the last vertex of the preceeding line.
>    - etc.
> Obviously this doesn't happen on my Linux Qgis version...
> Can anybody reproduce this problem?
Hi Giovanni,
 perhaps I'm wrong but I've had the same problem (in Linux) time ago when I
had not set the default snapping tolerance (in "Settings -> Options....".
Did you?


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