[Qgis-user] Re: "Freehand" raster georeferencing

A. Marcia BARBOSA anamarciabarbosa at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 17:24:16 EDT 2009


Actually a "free-hand" georreferencing tool/option is something I have
wished for more than once, too. For example, right now I'm trying to
georeference some old maps whose limits were drawn by hand, naturally
with little accuracy. It's quite difficult to find clear features
whose coordinates truly match my own georeferenced maps, and none of
my attempts with the georeferencer plugin yielded a good match. I wish
I could just display a non-georeferenced raster over my map, give it
some transparency, and then move, resize and rotate it freely, just
using the mouse, until it was in place. And then save it with the
georeferencing information. Is this silly, or even possible? I realize
it's probably not the way these things should be done normally, but
sometimes it would actually work better, I think.


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