[Qgis-user] problem

Vladimír Nemček blackdaysvk at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 02:08:01 EDT 2009

Can me someone write to me, where and how I have to do?
Sorry for my stupid question, but I must solve this problem.

Thanks for help.

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> On Sun, 2009-06-21 at 18:02 +0200, Vladimír Nemček wrote:
>> Thank you for answer, but can you write me more detailed advance? I am 
>> new
>> in QuantumGis.
>> One detail - I have windows vista.
> This is not a QGIS issue, is a windows one. You need to add the path to
> R in the windows path variable. In XP you have to dig into the system
> variables inside the control panel. On Vista I have no idea.
> If you have further issues with the home range plugin just ask, I have
> installed it on a number of computers.
> -- Giovanni --

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