[Qgis-user] Ubuntu version of QGIS - some crashes and bugs

Ricardo Filipe Soares Garcia da ricardo.garcia.silva at gmail.com
Tue May 12 07:14:12 EDT 2009


I followed Giovanni's suggestion and compiled 1.1.0 to take a peek at
what is coming. The map composer now renders quickly, which is great!
I am also discovering a lot of other new features and polishing which
is really nice.

I realize it's still a work in progress but I encountered some strange
issues that are maybe my own fault for not setting some compile time
setting, so if someone can straighten this out I will be very happy:

- whenever I close and then restart Qgis all the plugins previously
activated, get deactivated
- the north arrow plugin is complaining about not being able to find
the north arrow pixmap
- a lot of the buttons in the UI don't have their usual text
description inside them
- at the project properties Coordinate Reference System tab I don't
get any projections listed

I didn't install to the standard location, and chose a directory under
my home folder.

Thank you for helping

On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Giovanni Manghi
<giovanni.manghi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello again
>> I decided to uninstall and follow Giovanni's compilation guide (very
>> nice guide by the way). Compiled qgis 1.0.2 (rev 10759) and now the
>> symbology crash issue is finally gone.
> By the way, you can use Les-ejk UbuntuGIS repository, it has qgis 1.0.1
> compiled against gdal 1.6.0, so without this bug.
>> Concerning the slow print composer, the problem remains. Can anyone
>> offer some insight on this?
>> The problem is, whenever I add a map a new map in the print composer,
>> after selecting the maps dimensions, qgis takes more than a minute
>> (maybe more than two minutes) to respond. After that, if I try to
>> update the map the same lag happens. If I add other stuff to the map
>> (scale, legend, ...) it displays normally.
> I can't replicate the problem here. What kind of map give you this
> problem? Now you compiled why not giving a try to 1.1.0?
> -- Giovanni --

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Ricardo Garcia Silva

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