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Stefan Kiefer st_kiefer at web.de
Sun Aug 29 10:47:23 EDT 2010

Hello J.R.,
I'm not sure about want you intend to do. Do want to adapt a model to
calculate contours of the data or do you simply want to display a
continous (raster)image? the question is rather do you want to use
vector data or raster data. If you like to gain a raster image from the
points you might want to use grass(plugin) and convert the point data to
raster. If you want to derive contour lines or areas you can use the
contour plugin as Micha Silver proposed already. Otherwise with grass
you can apply even more complex models, depending on the complexity of
your data the method of deriving contours and/or the quality and scale
of your data.



Am Samstag, den 28.08.2010, 12:11 -0700 schrieb john: 

> Hello Stefan, 
>    First; sorry about the misspelling of your name in the last
> posting. Second; after some fiddling with import settings  I can load
> the file that you sent to my project and get the attribute values with
> the identify tool. I just had to magnify to a scale where they showed
> as single points and not one large colored square. Thanks. Do you know
> of an easy way to display the data as contoured increments? I am
> trying to use the interpolate plugin but really don't know what I'm
> doing yet. I'll keep trying and hope the manual gives some good
> direction. 
>   again, much thanks.
>   J.R.
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