[Qgis-user] Sharig user generated qml and other stuff (mapsymbols)?

Anders Söderman Anders.Soderman at gisassistans.se
Mon Jul 5 04:10:16 EDT 2010

>Hi Anders.
>Thanks for your offer. I think a repo should be accessible through a plugin
>better than through a web interface. I think it would be a great addition
>to QGIS.
>Better still if users could also upload their collections (taking
>responsability it's free stuff).
>All the best.
>Paolo Cavallini: http://www.faunalia.it/pc

Hello Paolo
I´ve spend to many hours searching the global web looking for mapsymbols.
Often they are hidden among ordinary symbols. No standards!! Often the
symbol as such is enough to get an idea of what you need/want and then it´s
easy to make them yourself. 
It is the same with QGC styles(SLDs). QMLs just don´t exist(yet).

I don´t know how a plugin could handle the updating process, which is very
important. A QGIS-wiki for QMLs and mapsymbols would be great I think.
Everybody should be able to up- and download in an easy way incl. an image
showing the style or the symbol. 

Whatever happen all my symbols will be available to the "QGIS-family" if
there is a need in the future. 
My commercial idea is to make high quality PNG SVG EPS symbols for the
Swedish market. To do that my customers has to get a good idea of what is
available. That’s why I put them on my website. 
I just uploaded 1735 mapsymbols to my webhost. Later today I hope they will
be found on my homepage at www.gisassistans.se. A link will be places on the
first page and I put in some English also if anybody needs to search for
Greetings. Anders   

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Il 02/07/2010 09:25, Anders Söderman ha scritto:

> _
 how about setting up a central repo 
 Some suggestions: _

> Click on the mapsymbolpicture and you will se the original picture.

> Perhaps something like this could be a way to share our QMLs, SLDs and
> also mapsymbols?
> I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to have a picture showing the result of the
> QML, SLD or mapsymbol.

> I also whish that the QML2SLD question was activated.
> I just don´t understand why QGIS is built on QML instead of SLD 1.0, but
> as it is, it would be very nice to be able to generate styles both ways,
> i.e. QML2SLD and SLD2QML.
> If I can be of any help I´m willing to do my best. My strength is not
> programming, but I suppose there is other work to be done.

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