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mir mir123 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 18:23:11 EDT 2010

Hello Jean Roc,

Certainly it would be nice to have the feature.  May I suggest you turn your
points into a csv file (using tabs or other characters as separators, since
your Z field has commas) and open your points in Calc (or Excel), sort by
the CD field, export back to csv and then open it with Points2One.




As pointed in another thread I'm using Points2One on the output of a
tacheometer to connect automagically the survey points. Recently has been
added the possibility to group the features using an input field, my problem
is that it only groups these features if the chosen input field's values are
strictly sequential : if a feature B is between two sequences of the feature
A then those 2 sequences become 2 different polygons instead of one
(A:1/2/3, B:3/4/5, A:6/7/8 instead of A:1/2/3/6/7/8).

PT    X     Y     Z    CD
1   0996  515  8,2   A
2   0998  515  8,2   A
3   1009  504  8,2   B
4   1010  504  8,2   B
5   1010  504  8,2   B
6   0996  515  8,2   A
7   0998  515  8,2   A
8   0999  515  8,2   A

It would be great if the plugin could parse the file, group the feature
points sequentially by the input field and only then draw the polygon as it
would allows a surveyer to stop collecting a long feature to collect a small
nearby feature and then resume on the previous one.


Mir Rodríguez Lombardo
Fundación Almanaque Azul

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Ciudad de Panamá
tel +507 836 6452
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