[Qgis-user] Re: [Qgis-developer] announcing DPSimplify

Carson Farmer carson.farmer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 05:55:59 EST 2010

Hello list,

I'm a bit late coming into this discussion, by I thought I might be a
good place to make a few comments:

New plugins that add new functionality are always very welcome,
however I would also like to encourage plugin developers to have a
look at (particularly core plugins) existing plugins, and if they find
something they would like to improve/replace, to do so! I don't have a
lot of time to update fTools, but improvements are always welcome, and
if they are added/applied to fTools directly, then the whole QGIS
community benefits from the improvements/changes without having to
install another plugin (and without duplication in the eyes of the

> And to make myself clear: I do not want to discourage Alexander to develop
> the plugin!! Because if I'm correct, the current vector-menu stuff is
> actually cpp ported from the former python plugin as well.

Just to clarify, most of the fTools functions have still not been
ported to cpp, and in fact anything running from fTools at the moment
is still using the original Python implementation. So again, I would
encourage developers of fTools functionality to try to include them
with fTools so that they can be installed by users by default. Patches
are always welcome, and credit will always be given where credit is



Carson J. Q. Farmer
ISSP Doctoral Fellow
National Centre for Geocomputation
National University of Ireland, Maynooth,

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