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Hi Paolo

you're right about the invalid geometries. I try to put a warning in the tool, to tell you that there is problem in the geometry. Doing this I stumbeld over a bug in the Rubberband class, so it will take some work to be done (hopefully by Juergen). As there are other issues as well, I marked the plugin as experimental for now.


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Il 14/11/2010 17:39, Möri Cedric ha scritto:

> TraceDigitize works only for line and polygon layers. It allows to
> digitize new features by following existing lines or polygon
> boundaries. The tool will add all vertex points, that are in snapping
> distance of the cursor. Just press ctrl key while moving the mouse.
> If control isn't pressed, it is just like the normal digitize tool.
> Don't forget to set the (background) snapping options, as the tool
> needs them.

Quite nice. Beware though that it is very easy to generate invalid 
geometries this way, and get a free crash as a consequence:
         GDAL Error 1: Attempt to read shape with feature id (-2) out of 
available range.
Segmentation fault
Thanks a lot.
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