[Qgis-user] qgis 1.6 select tool

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Sun Nov 21 04:06:51 EST 2010

On 21/11/2010 10:59, Ramon Andinach wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm having some odd behaviour with the select tool in 1.6.
> While I can click-select individual objects, I don't seem to be able to click-drag select groups of objects as I used to be able to in 1.5.
Caught me also. There is a whole set of select options now in 
1.6. Do you see a tiny arrow in the corner of the select 
button? If you click and *hold* the select button, you get a  
dropdown list of select function. You can either "click 
select" (one feature), select by rectangle, select by freehand 
drawing (which is a really cool option that I haven't seen in 
any other program!) and select by radius.

> This is on a win7 64bit install via osgeo.
> I feel I am missing something obvious?
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