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Michael Lapson michael.lapson at ascendworldwide.com
Tue Sep 28 13:46:49 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone,
I am an experienced user of ArcGIS, starting over with QGIS. I frequently
use MS Excel to create a table of attributes, then load into GIS and join
these attributes onto an existing shapefile.
1. I tried doing this with Join Attributes and selecting the CSV file.
However I found that when QGIS reads in the CSV file, it casts all of the
columns as Text, so I couldn't use the numerical values. I notice the Join
Attributes from CSV feature is new in QGIS 1.5.0. Maybe there is a bug?
2. Eventually I will want to put my data into a database. I notice I can
choose between SpatiaLite and PostGIS. Which is easier to use? Is there a
performance difference?
3. In ArcMap, I frequently used the capability to vary the thickness of line
features according to a value in the attribute table. I notice that this
capability is available in QGIS only for points ("drawing by field") but not
for line features. Is there another way to accomplish variable thickness
lines in QGIS? If not, is "drawing by field" for line features under

I would appreciate any help you can offer as I am getting started with QGIS.

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