[Qgis-user] From Bob Peck who needs help

Goyo goyodiaz at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 11:47:38 EST 2011

2011/12/16 Robert Peck <rm25951 at yahoo.com>:
> Hello,
> Uncle!  I need help.
> I have been trying to learn QuantumGIS so that I can put GPS (NAD 83 datum)
> locations of rock outcrops on a USGS quadrangle topographic map (NAD 27
> datum), connect the points to make contours, and produce a geological map of
> the quadrangle.  I know how to make an Excel file into a .csv file which I
> can use to import the data to the project.  I have learned how to open a new
> project, load a topo quad map, load a data set, and make either one of them
> visible on the map panel, and that's as far as I get.  I'm trying to get the
> data points to appear on the map but am having no success.  Below are the
> steps I've taken to get that far.
> Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or what I'm not doing right?  Any
> assistance will be gratefully appreciated.  Thank you, Pilgrim
> 1.  Open QGIS.
> 2.  File  >>  New Project.
> 3.  Layer  >>  Add Raster Layer  >>  Browse  >>
> Hinton_UTM27z17_nocoll_grey400dpi.tiff  >>  Open.
> 4.  The Hinton,WV USGS quadrangle map appears in the map panel.
> 5.  Settings  >>  Project Properties.
>             a.  Enable 'on the fly' CRS transformation.
>             b.  Set CRS to NAD 27/UTM zone 17N (ID 2146).
>             c.  Hit "apply" and then "OK".
> 6.  The map disappears.
> 7.  Right click on the Hinton quad layer in the left panel   >>  Set layer
> CRS  >>  Set CRS to NAD 27/UTM zone 17N  (ID 2146)  >>  hit "OK".
> 8.  The map reappears.
> 9.  Layer  >>  Add delimited text layer  >>  browse   >>
> 10.  "Create a layer from a delimited text file" dialog box opens.
> 11.  I made sure that "selected delimiters" and "comma" boxes were both
> checked.
> 12.  I set X to UTME and Y to UTMN  >>  hit "OK".
> 13.  No data points appear.
> 14.  Right click on the data layer  >>  set layer CRS  >>  set CRS to NAD
> 83/UTM zone 17N (ID 2294).
> 15.  View  >>  zoom to layer  >>  data appear but no map.
> 16.  If I choose the map layer and go to View  >>  zoom to layer  >>  the
> map appears but no data.  This goes back and forth with no data points
> appearing on the map, even when the map layer is the bottom layer in the
> layer panel.

Hi Robert, make sure you've activated on the fly reprojection.


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