[Qgis-user] Mapbooks with Easyprint

Ziegler Stefan Stefan.Ziegler at bd.so.ch
Tue Jun 14 14:15:17 EDT 2011


I started adding some mapbook functionality:

i) Mapbook by grid: You have to create the regular grid first. Paper
format, layout, scale etc. values are taken from standard easyprint tab
("simplemap"). You can also choose some overlap percentage. After
creating the grid layer you can export the maps. There are some
additional parameters like adding adjacent tile indicator to the map or
creating an overview map.

ii) Mapbook by feature: This will zoom to the extent of every feature of
a specific layer. You can use the layers attributes for setting the
title, subtitle, scale and rotation. Scale and rotation will be ignored
for polygon and linestring layers.


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