[Qgis-user] Poor performance on Toshiba Laptop

acarvajales at fcien.edu.uy acarvajales at fcien.edu.uy
Sat Sep 3 15:12:57 EDT 2011

Mick: I'm sorry but i don't quite get what you mean by 'breaking' down  
the file. I suspect all of this problems i'm having are indeed related  
to the file, but i just don't have enough info on how it was built.  
I'll try to get that info as soon as i can and share it with you guys.

Alex: I tried what you suggested with little success (could it be that  
this repo is not working well under Natty?)

As i told Mick, i will try to get the info as to why it's so difficult  
to work with this file (talk to my partners, or even maybe the  
institutions involved in its creation). Meanwhile, i'll tell you guys  
a little bit more of the story.

The shape is composed of tens of thousands of 'observations' relating  
soil characteristics (e.g fertility, texture, drainage, etc.), its  
use, and other geological, geographical and environmental related  
variables. I mean to use it combined with invasive species records, in  
hope of generating models of favourability.

Fearing that the problem was that there was just too much info for my  
cpu to process, i installed the 'table manager' plugin in the belief  
that by deleting the variables (columns) from the attribute table i  
would get rid of this 'overweight' data.

Obviously, it didn't worked.

Well, as i was saying, i'll try to get that file to the web somehow.  
Maybe looking at the data, will help you guys sort out what's wrong.

Needless to say, i thank you both very much



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