[Qgis-user] Custom, local or generic 2D cartesian coordinate system projection

Pavol Hnila pavol.hnila at uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Sep 14 07:10:43 EDT 2011

Dear QGIS-specialists,

I am new to the list and also to QGIS. 

Is there any way to choose or to define a custom 2D cartesian system as
the default Coordinate reference system for a project? What should the
parameters under "Custom CRS" look like if I want just x, y axes,
ignoring datums and 3D projections of the earth surface? I am preparing
plans for a small site where nearly all the files were done previously
in CAD software within the local x,y coordinates system. I am afraid
that when I use projections, I get distorted plans (distorted when
compared with the 2D CAD plans done previously).


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