[Qgis-user] kml gpx shp conversion, keeping attribute

Ale alessandro.nardin.it at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 10:23:40 EDT 2011

More information right now. The file *.kml is created from a Garmin Trainig
Center, and recorded by a Garmin Device.
Is probably the Garmin Software that it uses a particular .*kml format that
includes, with a sintax for itself only, more information?


2011/9/18 Ale <alessandro.nardin.it at gmail.com>

> Hi all
> First forgive my bad english...
> This is my first message at this mailing list
> I've a *.kml file with lat long alt and other information...speed, time
> elapsed and so on:
> ________________________________________________________________________
> <Placemark>
> < description><![CDATA[<b>9.13.56</b><br/><b> Time Elapsed:
> </b>0:08:24<br/><b> Distance Elapsed: </b>2.4 km<br/><b> Speed: </b>13
> km/h<br/><b> Pace: </b>4:36 /km]]></description>
>  <TimeSpan>
> <begin>2011-09-03T07:13:48Z</begin>
>  <end>2011-09-03T07:13:56Z</end>
> </TimeSpan>
>  <styleUrl>#point</styleUrl>
> <Point>
> <coordinates>9.1840996686,45.8018461335,447.6309814453</coordinates>
>  </Point>
> </Placemark>
> ______________________________________________________________________
> How I can import in Qgis Wroclaw placing other information in the
> attributes chart?
> I traslate it in *.gpx, the in *.shp, but I'm obtainig only the
> coordinates, neither the altitude or something else
> Triyng to cut-the-line on that *.shp file, Qgis brick....
> any ideas? thanks!
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