[Qgis-user] Re: Georeferencer not loading

dartmoor adzwalters at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 04:34:51 EDT 2012

Thanks for the suggestion Morten,

Unfortunately when I click on the Georeferencer icon the main QGIS window
remains selected. Clicking on any other plugin automatically launches it
and the plugin window is automatically active. Therefore I know that the
Georeferencer is not loading.

On 25 April 2012 18:27, magerlin [via OSGeo.org] <
ml-node+s1560n4915981h95 at n6.nabble.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I have sometimes experienced the same - nothing seems to happen when I
> select the georeferencer.
> But the fact is that something happens, but the opened Georeferencer
> window is hidden somewhere.
> One case is if I have used two displays and put Qgis on the one and the
> Georeferencer window on the other. If I close Qgis from there and later
> opens Qgis using only one display, then the Georeferencer window will
> sometimes seems to be missing (but it is as a matter of fact shown on a non
> existing second display) - this is a Windows issue and not Qgis.
> The best solution is to start Qgis using two displays and move the
> Georeferenser window to your main screen before closing Qgis down.
> If that is no possible then try using the combination of the ALT+Space
> keys. This opens a small window menu with the possibilities to Move (used
> the arrow keys after this selection), Restore or Maximize windows - I think
> I have sometimes used this as a solution to get it back on my main display.
> Hope this can help...
> Regards Morten
> Qgis 1.7.4 Stand alone installer in Win7 64 bit
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