[Qgis-user] is there a way of selecting points using a shapefile polygon

M.E.Dodd m.e.dodd at open.ac.uk
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The features are already there in qgis and Giovanni Manghi was very helpful yesterday in helping me to find where they are.
In version 1.9.9 they are slightly buried away, you have to go to the plugin manager and specifically switch on the 'spatial query plugin'.  This is loaded by default in qgis but is not switched on which is why I could not find it - I was looking through the list of plugins from various providers and through all the menus but had not realized there were some plugins that come with qgis but are just not switched on.

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Add both features to Qgis.

Vector > Select by location

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 3:35 PM, M.E.Dodd <m.e.dodd at open.ac.uk<mailto:m.e.dodd at open.ac.uk>> wrote:
Seems a very obvious thing to do but could not find it in qgis.  I have a set of points and want to identify (and eventually save as .csv) some of the points using a polygon in a shape file i.e. not a hand drawn one which I know you can use to select points.

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