[Qgis-user] [PROPOSAL] From srs.db to file-based CRS storage

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Jan 30 15:25:10 EST 2012


srs.db is file-based already. You can easily edit and update it with any
sqlite compatible db application, such as sqliteman, openoffice, qgis,
firefox, etc.

To me this is pretty much accessible already.


On 01/30/2012 08:58 PM, Alexander Bruy wrote:
> Hi all,
> currently QGIS used srs.db to store projection definitions. But with
> this approach
> users can't reorganize CRS definitions as they want (always used predefined tree
> with predefined groups).
> This can be solved by switching to file-based storage of the CRS
> definitions as in
> latest ArcGIS versions or wxGIS. All CRS definitions are stored as
> files in WKT or
> SPR (preffered) format in subdirectories in some redefined folder and
> user can freely
> create new subdirectories and move files between them to organize
> CRS'es as he/she
> wants.
> Opinions, comments?
> Thanks

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