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 Yes - you can do all that. However, I don't know about the WKT format. 
 WKT is not a GIS file format. It is a geometry format. WKT can be used 
 in text files or in GML files.

 QGIS can open and edit different file formats. The most popular ones 
 are SpatiaLite (recommended), ESRI shapefile (very popular, but has some 
 limitations) and GML. There are also server-based databases like 
 Postgis. But WKT by itself is not a GIS format.

 First, you always have to set the correct coordinate reference system 
 in a new project. See "Settings" --> "Project Properties" --> Tab 
 "Coordinate Reference System". In the Filter tab search for Google 
 Mercator projection (EPSG:900913).

 You can open files with the "Layer" --> "Add Vector Layer". 
 Alternatively you can load text files with WKT data by using the "Layer" 
 --> "Add Delimited Text Layer". The first way is the recommended way.

 Then you can add a Google Maps Layer using the "Open Layers" plugin. Go 
 to "Plugins" --> "Fetch Python Plugins" and search for "OpenLayers 
 Plugin". After plugin installation go to "Plugins" --> "OpenLayers 
 Plugin" --> Pick a layer source.

 Then you can add/modify your data (have a look at the QGIS manual) and 
 save it back in the format you want.

 Hope this helps for a start. Please have a look at the manual and 
 tutorials for general introductions.


 On Tue, 6 Mar 2012 19:13:36 -0800 (PST), Lilirian wrote:
> Hi folks :)
> I'm trying to get started with QGIS. I'm under the impression that 
> QGIS can
> do the following :-
> 1) Load up a WKT file to a layer
> 2) Added a google map layer UNDER the WKT layer
> 3) modify the boundary, from step 1. (by overlaying the boundary over 
> a map,
> i can clean up the boundary).
> 4) export this boundary to a WKT (or Well Known Binary).
> or
> 1) create an empty layer
> 2) added a google map layer under this empty layer
> 3) drawn some new polygon(s) on the empty layer .. using the google 
> map
> layer as a reference.
> 4) export the polygon(s) as a WTK / WKB
> So - can anyone help me please?
> The data I have right now are some zipcodes, cities and 
> neighbourhoods for
> the USA which i'm trying to 'clean up' or create new ones.
> Thanks kindly to any friendly help. I know it's a pretty blonde 
> question,
> but I'm really stuck trying to solve this.
> Cheers!
> - Lili -
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