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If you want to use an external hard drive—and, in my experience, booting
from USB is *much* faster than booting from DVD—check out, UNetbootin,
LiveUSB Install, or any number of other USB creators, some of which will
let you set up a multiboot USB so that you can choose between OSes when you

Another option, and my preferred one for trying out new OSes (including the
OSGeo DVD) is to use virtualization. I prefer VirtualBox, other options
include VMWare and Xen. I run Ubuntu Linux, but also have the OSGeo DVD
installed because sometimes you have to jump through hoops to install a
software that's not in the repositories and I just want to try it out
before committing the effort. (Not referring to QGIS, which runs fine.)

On Mar 12, 2012 5:56 PM, "Tyler Mitchell" <info at locatepress.com> wrote:

> On 2012-03-12, at 2:10 PM, john raskulinecz wrote:
> Sorry for my vast ignorance in advance. i clicked on the link you provided
> for the osg dvd and burned a copy to a dvd. Should I now download a copy of
> Linux to an external hard drive and open QGIS from there? The external has
> 1 terra byte storage with 500 gigabytes unused space. I tryed to run the
> down load from the shortcuts placed on my startup screen but, alas, no luck.
>  thanks again,
> Hi John,
> The idea with OSGeo Live DVD is to reboot your computer and tell it to
> boot from the DVD instead of from your hard drive.
> The DVD actually includes a version of linux that will run from memory,
> without writing anything to your hard drive.
> It's cool stuff :)
> Tyler
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